Merits of Exhibiting

Japan Aerospace 2004
Your Business’s International Publicity Agent

The exhibition organized by our society is internationally respected and renowned trade show, showcasing Japan and the rest of Asia’s aerospace industry. Demand in the Japanese and Asian aerospace related market is growing noticeably, and the region has much unharnessed potential for the future. We have no doubt that exhibiting at our exhibition will enable you to send a clear message to the world, and build up and expand your business.

A Chance to Broaden your Business Horizons
Japan Aerospace 2004 will bring together numerous government bodies, air transport companies, manufacturers, power buyers and professional technicians, and enable you to establish links with a range of businesses.

Help in Cultivating New Business
We will encourage the participation of sectors that have not had a high profile at previous exhibitions, such as the information and communication industry, opening new business avenues for participants.

Encouraging Interaction Between Exhibitors
All exhibitors will be sent a list containing the e-mail addresses of all the other exhibitors. This will facilitate the spread of business discussions between companies in the wide array of fields exhibited, and who may not yet have had dealings with each other.


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